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About Us

At Adriasonara we believe in „patient-centric“ Health care system. Maximising value for patients and achieving best outcomes at acceptable cost.

We also believe in lifelong learning, constructive, positive dialog and lively professional communication.

Each day we see doctors, nurses, pharmacists and pharma industry employees sacrifice and go an „extra mile“ to make the difference in patients lives and outcomes. We are committed to support that effort through various projects and services.

We pay close attention to

  • Discreeteness
  • Respect towards other people’s time
  • Minimal use of client internal resources
  • Attentive client service
  • Feedback and consequently continuous improvement
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Quality of delivery and performance
  • We won’t tell you we can do something if we can’t

Our Services

Medical Communication

Digital Channels

Traditional Channels

Patient Adherence Programs

Facts And Figures

We have over 750 person-years experience on offer.
In 2021 we achieved:

Digital Channels

Delivered >100.000 e-newsletters

1450 peer-reviewed articles

265 KOL videos

214 newsletters to 5000 HCPs

Average 39% open rate

Average 26% click-to-open rate (click-through rate)

Full metric insights on the targeted HCP readership

Traditional Channels

80% of Slovenian HCPs covered

Continuous and ad hoc projects

Less than 1% drop out

10 years of pHarmonia magazine

7000 subscribers to pHarmonia magazine

3828 doctors in Slovenia read at least one article in

each pHarmonia magazine

110 organized professional events and advisory board meetings

Patient Adherence Programs

Engagement with HCP’s Patients and KOL’s

Continuous and ad hoc projects

KPI metrics (setting and monitoring)

90% penetration and adoption rate

4% drop out

3% adverse events reporting

We are compliant

  • Compliance
  • ABAC
  • Data protection
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Relevant SOPs

We have successfully passed several audits and we operate in line with pharmaceutical industry standards for vendors.

In addition, we are one of the rare agencies in Alpe-Adria region with all employees legally employed, all salaries and contributions payed, we maintain high indemnity insurance, pharmacovigilance and all required SOPs.

We promote the dignity and self-worth of all of our employees. We are committed to providing fair and living wages, reasonable, structured work schedules, and clear duties and spheres of rights and responsibilities for each team member.

We aim to provide jobs which not only provide sustenance for our workers’ families, but also allow them a space to make a difference in the world around them, grow and stretch intellectually and personally.


I have been working with Adriasonara for many years.
I am delighted that we went together into the field of digital communication with the professional public at a time when many people did not believe in it, and many pharmaceutical companies have not invested much in this field. Our efforts are well accepted by the professional public. Pioneering work has grown into mature projects and I can only excitedly wait for new joint adventures.

TA, Lead
Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG

In our company we strive for continuous progress in all areas of operation. That is why we sought a competent, responsible and reliable partner for the local implementation of good practice from abroad. High level of professionalism, trust, flexibility and authenticity in relationships are the characteristics that AdriaSonara can be proud of. With joint forces, we are entering a completely new space and we are creating innovative projects that, until recently seemed almost impossible.

Patient Experience Manager, Slovenia
Biopharmaceutical leader

We have been working with Adriasonara for almost a decade. For many of the projects we have carried out together, they have always been very professional, proactive and flexible, and nevertheless have fulfilled all the standards required by our internal rules, compliance and legal services. The execution of projects and the final presentation was always at the highest possible level and can be a benchmark for other companies that are trying to follow them. Over the years, they have successfully expanded beyond the borders of Slovenia, so they can really be considered 'only sky is the limit'.

Commercial Lead, Balkans
One of the top 5 World’s leading Biotechnology companies

I have been working with Adriasonara for many years now. With the growth and expansion of the company's offer, our cooperation in the field of sales, marketing, marketing analysis and advertising also developed.
With good results, a positive approach and the reliability of all employees of Adriasonara, the choice of partner is easy. In my experience, Adriasonara is a reliable partner with an unbeatable team that overcomes the invincible. Bravo, just keep on doing a great job!

Country Manager, Slovenia

We have been working with Adriasonara for many years now. During this time, we have created and delivered many beautiful stories. The team is committed, proactive, flexible and always available. Working on joint projects is a pleasure.

Mrs. M.P., BPharm, PEH Adriatic
Marketing Manager

We have been working with Adriasonara for several years.
First only in the field of medical publishing, and then we have expanded our cooperation to other projects.
Education and awareness of the professional public is of great importance to AbbVie, we have been successful in recent years through AdriaSonara's services
Among the advantages of cooperation are the rapid responsiveness, adaptability and consistency of the team, which is not afraid to enter new areas.
We did many things together from scratch.

Government Affairs&Comm. Manager, Slovenia

We were very happy with the speed, flexibility and professionalism of the Adriasonara team. They were always responsive to our requests. Recommended partner for this region!

Mrs. McGettigan, Director, Commercial Effectiveness, Europe
Kantar Health

Our Clients

Each day we see doctors, nurses, pharmacists and pharma industry employees sacrifice and go an „extra mile“ to make the difference in patients lives and outcomes. Today we partner with top 25 pharma companies, we serve thousands of medical doctors and patients by helping them get the medicines, knowledge and support they need.

  • GSK
  • MSD
  • SOBI
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